Prayer Ministry

Where and when?

Most Sunday mornings two people are available to offer prayer ministry in the transept beside the pulpit.


People ask for prayer ministry for many and varied reasons – to seek God in the midst of a period where he seems distant, to find clarity when taking a decision, for help in dealing with emotions, for spiritual healing, for healing from physical illness, in anticipation of a hospital visit, to overcome debilitating inability to sleep, for mental health issues… Equally, giving thanks can be a motivating factor.

What can I expect?

  • total confidentiality
  • to be listened to attentively
  • a period of silence
  • short, rather than long prayer(s)
  • some encouragement but not counselling

The prayer ministry team know their limitations and that they are not trained to offer counselling. However referral can be made to our ministers who can arrange counselling for anyone who feels this may be helpful.

And afterwards…?

While those who have prayed with you will always be very glad to hear how things are going for you – and to pray with you again – you need not fear the intrusiveness of being pestered by unwelcome questions.


The PM team are folk who have benefitted from the prayers of others for themselves and who have been involved in the prayer life of Trinity for some time, before agreeing to set aside time for some specific training to enable them to make more of a contribution in this area.