Seeking God for transformation 3

Trinity 11A
“now I will show you the most excellent way”

Continuing to reflect on 1 Corinthians 13…

Loving Father in Heaven, with the help of your grace I will bring all my thoughts and desires into line with your will. I offer my body and soul as a living sacrifice, in union with the perfect sacrifice of my saviour Jesus Christ.

Monday: love ‘always trusts’

Love tends to trust. Though realistic about the worst in others, it wants to believe the best. Good relationships are based on this.

Tuesday: love ‘always trusts’

Even hurt and betrayal cannot push love into cynicism. When trusting a certain person is impossible, love keeps on trusting the Source of love.

Wednesday: love ‘always hopes’

When things seem dark, love peers through to the horizon of the future, always expecting sunshine, expecting the best. It is so confident in Jesus Christ, that it never loses hope that love will have the last word.

Thursday: love ‘always hopes’

Love hopes for the best, even in the lives of those who seem beyond hope. And love expects the best for the ultimate future of this world because it all rests on the mighty love of God. Read Revelation 21. 1-4.

Friday: love ‘always perseveres ‘

Love endures all things. Through life’s ever-changing circumstances, it remains constant.

Saturday: living in the power of love.

Read 1 Corinthians 13. This is what love looks like. It comes from the Kingdom of heaven, and it is down to earth. Love is living in the Kingdom of God now, powered by something that is not of this world. It involves Jesus loving others through me. Read John 13. 34-5.

prayer response: love never fails (v8)

Trust that the love of Christ our Redeemer at the cross covers your failures to love. Then live in the power of that love, and love others as God loves you.