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Kingdom FamiliesIn the past 4 years over 30 babies have been welcomed into life at Trinity through baptism, blessing or dedication services. In a number of ways, the Trinity church family take seriously the vows they make at these services.

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Commitment to praying is a key element in this. In the month following the welcome service, an entry about the baby’s family appears in Prayerline, a monthly leaflet outlining topics for prayer. Bookmarks, each with the Christian names of 5 or 6 of our children, are available for those who would like to pray in an on-going way for a small group of children. These are used by a whole range of people aged 16 to 90. In church, a reminder to pray appears onscreen each week, as children move to the halls for their own programme, after the opening of morning church.

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Contact, made at the time a new baby is welcomed into the church community, is maintained until age 4 through birthday cards, which include contact details allowing parents to inquire about activities suitable for their children at various stages as they grow up. There is a Kingdom Families section in our church library, with books covering many areas of parenting and family life, and parents may also elect to join a mailing (email) list to receive information from Care for the Family, a national Christian charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties.

Trinity is a church community where many people genuinely love children and take a personal interest in them. Many families have stories to tell about the support and encouragement of people who have been willing to pray them through life events like starting playgroup/nursery/P1 and beyond, and through all the playground traumas and classroom challenges which followed. The same people have rejoiced with families in times of success, and there is a strong culture of encouragement of children and willingness to learn from the children in our midst.

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