Be Still

still blue water with jettyBe still before the LORD and wait patiently for him. Psalm 37v7

For many people today, doing anything patiently is becoming an increasing challenge. The high-speed, everything-on-demand atmosphere of today’s world easily seeps into the way we approach God.

Our lives are full of static. Whether it’s our to-do list, our emotions, or just plain noise, it can be hard to sift God’s voice from all the racket. (1)

“He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul…”

Although these are among the best known words of the Bible, how much do we actually know about what it is to have the core of our being put back together by God …?

This prayer, written in 1937, becomes more and more relevant:

Give me grace for such an act of self-recollection
as may again bring together the scattered forces of my soul.
Enable me to step aside for a little while
from the busy life of common days
and take thought about its meaning and its end. (2)

The purpose of the Engaging with God section of this website is to provide access to things that will allow even busy people to take time out, alone with God, listening and speaking – and simply enjoying his presence.

(1) Eugene Peterson, Introduction to SOLO, an uncommon devotional, based on Peterson’s The Message
(2) John Baillie, Diary of Private Prayer (pub. Simon & Schuster)