Life Groups


Life Groups play a central role at Trinity in providing community, a chance to grow together and to look out for one another.

We recognise that when a church family meet together on Sundays it is difficult to share with one another on a more personal basis. Life groups provide an environment where we can meet together as a small group of believers and talk and pray about the regular challenges we face in our daily lives. It’s a place where we build community, trust and support. It is an engine room for growth in our spiritual lives and a place where we learn and help one another to discover a deeper life with God.

Life groups are small groups ideally between 8 – 12 people with a healthy mix of ages, who meet in homes every two weeks. We currently have 8 Life groups in Trinity and at the moment are basing our time together around the themes and teaching from our Sunday morning whole-church gatherings.

In the past, groups have used a variety of materials.


Recently we have looked together at material from Saddleback, the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, The Bible Society/Renovare Olive Tree Media and Lifeway.

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