Psalm Study Guide

Over the summer we will look back at our Tuesday Thought series on the Psalms. Each week there will be a study guide to help you to personally take some time to study that Psalm. The guide is there to be used as much or as little as you need.

It could be helpful to your study to watch the corresponding psalm for that week. For example, PSALM 1 can be found at

Using the Study.


Take a moment to stop, to settle yourself and to be open to God. Ask God to draw your attention to certain passages or words, ask him to reveal something to you from the passage. Pray that this wouldn’t just be about becoming more informed, but that through his word you would be transformed.


Read slowly. Many Psalms can be read in seconds but take your time. As you read through this Psalm, what strikes you as interesting or confusing? What pictures or images jump out to you? Is there anything that really grabs your attention?


Spend a few minutes thinking about what you’ve read and mull over the thing that grabbed your attention. This might be a word, picture or phrase, allow that to stay with you throughout the day or days ahead – think about what it could mean. The guide will have a few suggested words highlighted to think about.


How might what you have read and reflected on impact your life? If it’s true, how does it change your life? What might look different in the day/week ahead? Maybe share what you’ve read with a friend.


Thank God for his word. Ask him for the help you need to understand, wrestle or apply what you’ve read.


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