For young people

Please contact Rob direct for more information. (

Year 8-10 Life Group

The  Year 8-10 Life Group  is on in the Coffee Bar from 6pm to 7pm on Monday 31st January.


Core will be starting at the end of February.

All Young People

After the service next Sunday6th February, Rob plans to have a casual walk with the youth, weather permitting. 

The Gathering Extra

Tickets for the Gathering Extra (1st Bangor and Trinity from Friday 11th evening to Saturday 12th February) need to be bought this weekend, so please use this link if your young people are hoping to attend:


BB and GB continue on Thursday and Friday evenings respectively at the usual times for each age-group. If you would like to join in with either of these, please contact the Church Office. (

Saturday Night Youth Club

Details can be checked out here and in the calendar below:

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