Storehouse Update

As a church we support and are thankful for the vital work that Storehouse does in our community.
Let us continue to give too and pray for their work.

Please check out their website for information on how to give both supplies and financially.

Below is a recent update from Margaret Bailie, who heads up Storehouse.

Storehouse North Down continues to operate with our wonderful band of volunteers. Without them it would be impossible to continue.

We are still operating Mondays and Thursdays 10am – 3pm. Our social distancing seems to be working well. We have seen an increase in the number of requests for hampers but have been able to supply them. We are averaging around 45/50 per week. We are feeding around 90-100 people per week.

A lot of the churches are now organised to collect donations in the church car parks and we have seen an increase in the amount of groceries donated. It is marvellous to see how people are thinking of others. A big thank you to those that have organised it.

B&M have given us the first half of their donation of £1500 in goods and we are waiting for the next half of the order. The Hygiene Bank have also given us a big donation of toiletries. Henderson Retail have donation baskets in Spars and we receive some of this. In May Allied bakeries supported us with 36 loaves a week.

We have seen a large increase in financial donations. This has enabled us to buy meat vouchers to put in each hamper. We were also able to get vouchers from The Singing Kettle.

We have received a large quantity of hand sanitizer from Copeland Distillery. It is much appreciated.

We have also received masks, rubber gloves and hand sanitizer from IFAN ( Independent Food Aid Network ).

We continue to pray for the people receiving our hampers those suffering from Covid19 and those at the frontline taking care of them, those who are on their own and are finding life difficult at the moment, those who have found themselves in financial hardship.

We pray that all our volunteers are well.

Our God is a faithful God and has taken care of us in so many ways. We give him all the thanks.

God Bless


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