Shopping List

The next collection for Storehouse will take place on Sunday, 3rd April. Please leave your gift to Storehouse at the door to the Church Office on your way into church through the halls or in the Welcome Area next Sunday, 3rd April.

Shopping List

Storehouse would welcome gifts of:


–       Meals/meats to serve with potatoes, rice or pasta: chilli, curry, mince and onion, stewed steak, chunky chicken, meatballs, Fray Bentos pies, sausages and beans, ravioli, spaghetti/spaghetti hoops/baked beans/tuna/ham

–       Vegetables or fruit: tomatoes, sweetcorn, peas, carrots, potatoes, oranges, pears, peaches etc.

–       Soups

–       Desserts: custard or rice

Jars: Baby food, jam, Bolognese sauce or other pasta sauces

Packets: Long grain rice or pasta, instant noodles/pot noodles, cuppa soups, cereal, jelly, biscuits

Drinks: Breakfast juice, juice for diluting or long life milk, tea, coffee or hot chocolate

Other: Cooking oil, salt and pepper or bags for life.

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