Covid Guidance

We are keen to balance returning to more “normal” congregational life, with remaining aware of the need to continue to seek to limit the spread of Covid-19 to protect everyone.

With this in mind:

· Government advice on self-isolation should continue to be followed. People who have or think they might have any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or who feel generally unwell without a known cause, are encouraged not to attend.

·         It is no longer a requirement to wear masks on church premises, though if you or leaders of groups would feel more comfortable wearing a face covering, please feel free to do so.

·         Please use the hand sanitiser provided as you enter church property; regular hand sanitisation is encouraged.

·         Social distancing is no longer required. That said, in the church we are retaining the option for social distancing in the side aisles, transepts and balcony, and people who would prefer the extra space should ask/be directed to sit there. Handshaking and crowding, or queueing and gathering closely in groups should still be avoided, where possible.

·         Good ventilation in both church and halls will be maintained with doors and windows kept open during services and activities.

·         Where refreshments are provided, those preparing and serving food/drinks should continue to wear masks and regularly sanitise their hands.

· Let’s continue to respect and be considerate of the varying needs and vulnerabilities of different people gathering together on our premises.

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