Praying for our community

As we enter a new year, let’s continue to pray God’s blessing on our neighbours and friends who came across the news last month of Immanuel – God with us: those who attended nativity plays and carol services in schools and churches, those who paused in Main Street to listen to our carol outreach on Dec 13th, those who received Christmas parcels from Storehouse and CAP, those (21 people) who made use of Open Church at Trinity (9 am – 2.45 pm) on Christmas Eve, those who attended the BICCI Christmas lunch in 1st Bangor on Christmas Day, those who took part in the ‘Amazing Journey to Bethlehem’ lesson delivered in N. Down schools by Rachel Kirker (S.U. E3), those who attended Trinity for the first time at our two carol services… You will know of others who need to know Immanuel, God with us as they enter 2015. Click here for a prayer you may find useful as a starting point for praying in an on-going way for our community.

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