Let’s pray

Lots of  summer mission activities still to come in August.  If you’d like to partner by praying along with others, there is Drop-in prayer before the services each Sunday morning and another  evening of prayer for summer mission on Thursday 10 August.   Click Continue reading … for more information.

Drop-In Prayer:

Breaking-news updates will be available most weeks before the morning service.  Drop into the Prayer Room any time from 10.15am.  Help yourself to an info sheet from the table by the cross and take the information away or stay for a few quiet minutes of silent prayer before the service.

Another Evening of Prayer for Summer Mission:

Thursday 10th August, 8pm – 9pm in the Prayer Room. The evening is deliberately located just as the Boardmills Sports Connect week (with some of our young people joining with the Boardmills team) reaches its conclusion, and as we gear up for Mega Makers, our own holiday bible club (14-18th August). We’ll also pray for other outreach in August. (See Prayerline for dates and details.)


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